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On Faith Ministries is organized to equip youth, young adults, and the disenfranchised with practical life skills based on Christian principles.  Preserving and promoting biblical Christian Values, including family, community, personal responsibility, work ethic, charity and utilizing their God-given gifts to edify the Kingdom of God.



Empowered by the command to do unto the least of these On Faith Ministries focuses on creating programs and activities that serve the most vulnerable.  Combining charity, art, and a duty to serve we look for unique opportunities to meet needs in the communities we touch.


Music Ministry

 Using the experiences of life and the gifts that God has blessed us with to deliver an inspirational message to the world.  Whether in the form of music, video, film, production or promotion we are driven by a desire to fulfill our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ and unashamed of our message that is the story of our continued salvation.  We are imperfect participants in God’s perfect plan with a hope to allow God to use us to make our communities and this world a better place.  

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