Lead Like Jesus Encounter

Lead Like Jesus is a global leadership development organization that promises a leadership Model that transforms you and those you influence – because our Model is Jesus, the greatest Leader of all time. We focus on heart-centered, transformative leadership that equips leaders to effectively impact their own spheres of influence. We do not run other ministries, businesses, schools, families, churches or nonprofits, but we teach the leaders who do, so that God is glorified.

Leadership Development Facilitators offer Encounter leadership development workshops to individuals, churches, businesses or organizations seeking to make a greater impact through their spheres of influence. Packed with 10 hours of action-oriented learning followed by weekly online E-Lessons, Encounter is a highly interactive, participant-driven leadership development workshop that exposes common leadership misconceptions and offers a practical model based on the greatest leader role model of all time, Jesus.

Roy Dockery is the Co-Director of On Faith Ministries and a certified Lead Like Jesus facilitator.  Roy has over a decade of corporate leadership experience and is a world renown public speaker on topics of leadership, employee development, recruitment, community service and faith.  A strong advocate for marketplace ministry, Roy Dockery hopes to develop individuals to leverage their influence to be examples of the Gospel.  


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