What is On Faith's Music Ministry


Our Mission

 Using the experiences of life and the gifts that God has blessed us with to deliver an inspirational message to the world.  Whether in the form of music, video, film, production or promotion we are driven by a desire to fulfill our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ and unashamed of our message that is the story of our continued salvation.  We are imperfect participants in God’s perfect plan with a hope to allow God to use us to make our communities and this world a better place.  We specialize in youth and young adult events designed to inspire and ignite a renewed passion in Faith and the pursuit of righteousness.

Our Team

Pastor Roy

Pastor Roy Dockery

Author, Christian Rapper, Poet, Teacher, Public Speaker, Delaware


Heyword OFE

Apologist, Lyricists, Writer, Theologian, Christian Rapper, Colorado

Brett Bell

Brett Bell

Photographer, Colorado, Videographer, Producer, Christian Rapper, Teacher, Outreach Coordinator


Torch ABQ

BumpBoxx Bash Specialist, Community Performer, Youth Igniter, Christian Rapper, New Mexixo

Corey Clark


Pastor, National Recording Artist, Father, Mentor, Gospel Rapper, Colorado

Sheena Vincente

Sheena God's Grace

Choreographer, Hip Hop Dancer, Ballet, Step, Miracle, Colorado

Released Music

Network and Chill


Throne of Grace